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The wooden blade that comes included with the kit is already sufficient

The wooden blade that comes included with the kit is already sufficient. Now, from the production line of GAUI, maker of many successful models such as the Zoom and the Shogun, comes another model to fill the void in the big electric helicopter market: the Hurricane 550.
This kit also includes a motor and a speed controller. It is not as aggressive and the T-REX 600, but then again, you wouldn’t want to push this model to fly out the most demanding 3D maneuver as the swash plate is made of plastic. Beginner to intermediate pilots should find that this model is great fun to fly, nimble and crisp. Although the model is pre-assembled, the manual provides a comprehensive instruction on how to completely rebuild it from scratch. The motor, the 800 KV outrunner, has been upgraded to generate less heat and consume less power. For many people who painting is not their strongest trait, this canopy is great news.2 V from two 11. Electric RC helicopter pilots who wanted to fly bigger models had pretty much only one model to choose - the T-REX 600 which although performs extremely well, comes with a hefty price tag.

The canopy comes already pre-painted. However, one of their main criticisms is that they lack of big models. Nevertheless, the main frame, the head set, and the tail come already assembled.30 size nitro helicopters - the smallest kind. Most electric RC helicopters are of the 400 size, which are not even as big as .1V packs. As for the flight time, this model can stay in the air for 8 minutes of ordinary flight and 5 minutes of 3D flight. The frame is made of a plastic composite material which is strong and durable.

All in all, although this model doesn’t come with the aluminum tails, carbon bodies, and the shiny accessories of baby clothes plastic hangers the T-REX, it is definitely worth its price. The way that each pieces are put together should is quite impressive.32 size nitro helicopter; namely blades from the 470-550 size. You still to install the radio receiver, servos, and the gyro - a task which usually takes at least an hour for beginners. Personally, I think this is a very smart way to implement its power system - unlike the T-Rex 600 which requires a whole new expensive battery pack.

As for the battery, the Hurricane draws its required 22.Electric RC helicopters are becoming more and more popular everyday. With a much lower price, the Hurricane 550 will undoubtedly provide pilots who want to try their hands on a big electric model helicopter with a promising alternative. This is very thoughtful as lacking these instructions would make extensive repairs a daunting task.

The Hurricane 550 comes as an ARF (almost ready to fly) kit and claims to be 95% pre-assembled from the factory. However, for modelers who would like something different, this model can take any blades that is suitable for a . On the other hand, others who enjoy airbrushing their own helicopter may be less appreciative.

In Flight:

In flight the Hurricane 550 proves an able helicopter. However, its thinner canopy is a good weight-saver. On the quality side, it should be noted that the canopy is noticeably thinner than other models, making it more brittle-prone

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