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Recycling creates a net gain in jobs - 5 to 1 over landfill management

It makes our country’s air, water and soil cleaner by limiting pollution, and it stimulates our economy by creating new jobs.

Think about it.

Be a Patriot: Stimulate the Economy

Recycling creates a net gain in jobs - 5 to 1 over landfill management.

Be a Patriot: Save Energy!

In 2003, the energy savings from recycling 54 billion aluminum cans exceeded the energy equivalent of 15 million barrels of crude oil, or the amount of gas the U.

The EPA estimates that 200 million gallons of used motor oil are improperly disposed of each year.S. Many scientists contend that human-released CO2 is a leading cause of global warming.S. It conserves our natural resources.1 million jobs, $236 billion in gross annual sales, and $37 billion in annual payroll.

The National Recycling Coalition reports that recycling has created 1.

Aluminum can be recycled forever.

Politicians and pundits from both the Left and the Right strongly agree that we should decrease our dependence on foreign oil.
Jobs created by recycling cover a wide variety of skill sets, including basic labor, manufacturing, entrepreneurship, advanced science and engineering. uses in one day.

Recycling one pound of plastic soda bottles - or PET plastic - saves 1200 BTUs of energy (1 BTU is the amount of energy needed to raise a gallon of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit).

Another way to look at it: recycling 1 can = 3 hours of TV, so in 2003 the U.S.There’s no doubt about it: if you’re a patriot, you should feel great about recycling.2 billion pounds of coal and 1. Thus increasing the amount of plastic we recycle can make a significant impact on oil use.S. recycled 13 million cars, which conserved 32. Patriotic people recycle! I challenge you to come up with another activity that every family in the country can so easily do to make such a huge difference in so many critical areas of the health of our great nation. plastic hanger Heavy metals, when consumed by people and other animals, cause numerous health problems and diseases. So recycling makes you a true patriot who’s doing something to make the people and economy of our great nation cleaner, healthier, richer and stronger!

I can see some folks in my mind’s eye (not you, of course!) with a slight sneer of disbelief on their faces. Over 2/3 of all aluminum ever created is still in use.5 billion pounds of limestone. Recycling saves trillions of kilowatts of energy every year.5 billion pounds of iron ore, 18.

In 1997, the U.

Recycling creates new “green” technologies designed to take advantage of the reclaimed resources.
. recycle 5 billion pounds of PET plastic, which equals a savings of 60 trillion BTUs of energy.

Americans dispose of 270 million waste tires each year.

Recycling household and car batteries keeps heavy metals such as mercury, lithium and cadmium from being released into our air and water.

The Center for Ecological Technology found that the glass industry uses 50% less energy to create glass from recycled glass than from raw materials.

Be a Patriot: Limit Pollution

Recycling just half of your annual recyclable household waste saves 2400 pounds of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. Illegally-dumped and stock-piled tires are fertile breeding grounds for rodents and mosquitoes, and illegally-burned tires release oil and soot into the air and ground water. Recycling used motor oil keeps it from polluting your ground and fresh water. According to the EPA, by recycling nearly half of that, we saved 705 million trees and 290 billion gallons of fresh water. So allow me to share some basic statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency and other reputable sources that back up my argument. annual oil consumption, or roughly 219 million barrels of oil, goes into the manufacture of plastic. Most of the 1/3 not still in use is aluminum cans in landfills.

Americans recycled about 40 million tons of paper products in 2003, creating an energy savings of 163 trillion (yes, with a “T”!) kilowatt hours of electricity.S.

2005 saw the U. saved enough energy by recycling cans to run 162 billion hours of TV, or about 25 hours of TV for every man, woman and child on Earth.

Be a Patriot: Conserve Natural Resources

Americans disposed of 83 million tons of paper products in 2003.

4% of U.

So there you have it

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