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Contact your government officials, either in person or by writing them a letter

Contact your government officials, either in person or by writing them a letter, to voice your concerns over the fact that recycling is not available for the citizens. If you drink soda pop from aluminum cans, there should be a container especially for those cans. Towns often have a day set aside for hazardous waste disposal. A Google search can give you ideas on what can be made with aluminum pop tops. Plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade. These containers are emptied on a regular schedule. Every bit of plastic that has ever been manufactured is still in existence.

Once you have your recycling program at home working, consider expanding your recycling efforts to your workplace and your schools. Education and readily available recycling centers is essential if we are to save this environment. Encouraging employees to avoid the use of paper cups and plastic water bottles (unless they are refilled at home), and to recycle computer paper and aluminum cans.

Another simple way to help the environment is by using green bags instead of plastic bags when you are grocery shopping. Your home is one place where you can find plenty of items to recycle. While you are at it, check with your local schools and churches to see if they collect the pop tops from these cans. Buying paper products, such as greeting cards, napkins, and computer paper that are made from recycled paper is essential to complete the cycle. Extreme care should be taken in storing hazardous wastes.

Everyone is beginning to realize why recycling is important, but many people cant be bothered to recycle.

Towns that dont have a recycling center may have large containers in a designated area where you can bring recyclables. Find out where the one in your community is located so you can dispose of your recycled material properly.

Offices and health care facilities are one of the largest consumers of our natural resources, yet many of these facilities do not have an active recycling program. The same items that are recycled at home can easily be recycled in the work place.

Since you know why recycling is important, if your town doesnt have recycling containers, or a recycling center, you need to find out why.Recycling is not so hard, yet it is one of the best ways you can do something positive for the environment. Creative recycling programs are very exciting for children, and hanger for clothes this excitement is often brought to the home.

In order to complete the cycle of reduce, recycle, and reuse, purchasing products that have been made from recycled products is a must. Check to see what items they take and have a container especially for those items.

Most towns have recycling centers. Plastic garbage cans are perfect for this project.

If you have the room, you can even set out labeled containers and use them to sort recyclable items. A reusable grocery bag helps keep those plastic bags out of the landfills. Another use for the pop tops is to make household items. Novica, a division of National Geographic sells beautifully crafted purses from aluminum pop tops. If containers are not readily available, people will not be motivated to recycle. Parents are then encouraged by the children to recycle. After all, recycling is important for their future.

People need to be educated on why recycling is important and the benefits it has for our environment. Your use of these products shows your support for the recycling effort. If you have children, they should be taught at an early age to recycle.

The easiest items to sort are plastic, glass and cardboard. Schools must have recycling programs in place to set a good example

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